Right now our healthcare heroes and other workers in critical industries needed an unprecedented amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Now the demand for PPE in Sri Lanka is almost 60 times greater than before the pandemic. We haven’t faced this type of pandemic in recent history so almost all our industries were not prepared to work in the pandemic.

Our mother company, Sky Air Holdings Co., Limited, is in Shanghai China. We have faced a couple of pandemics in China. We had a clear picture of PPE requirements in Sri Lanka. At the end of January 2020, we saw what was coming and acted quickly. Our Sky Air Holdings team started work with international suppliers and imported more high-quality KN95, N95, FFP2 respirator masks, and surgical mask than ever before.

With the pandemic, there was a huge shortage of 3M PPE products especially respirators that are used by medical staff. Since the scarcity price of the products skyrocketed


We are working with the government, health agencies, distributors, and others to provide PPE to those who needed the most.

We are helping businesses return to work by supplying companies with PPE to support workplace safety.

Our team working 24X7 to supply and sourcing critical products and other PPE which are difficult to source in the international market too.

We, Sky Air Holdings, works around the clock to support those in the front line of the pandemic as well as people in our communities and their daily life.

In times of greatest need, we are work to support you and our communities.

We are proud to help all of us


We are proud to help Sri Lankan industries reopen to COVID 19.