KN95 face maks price in Sri Lanka

KN95 Respirator

In pandemic or emergency situations, health authorities often advise the general public to wear face masks. During the COVID 19 pandemic, most Sri Lankans get to know about the KN95 respirators, which did a great job of disease prevention and control.

What is the KN95 Respirator?

GB2626-2006 / GB 2626 -2019 are the Chinese standard use for respirator masks. KN95 face mask provides the best protection against dust particles, smog, bacteria, viruses, and bacterial hazards.
KN95 mask is very similar to 5 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84), P2 (Europe EN 149-2001), and (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012).

Price of the KN95 masks in Sri Lanka

In the Sri Lankan market, KN95 face masks are available from 90 to 450 rupees. The wholesale price of the product is between 90 to150 and the retails price is between 150 to 450 rupees – the average retail price in Sri Lanka is 200 rupees.
We have done the research and realized the same product – the same manufacturer and the same packing – is selling from 120 to 430 rupees.

How to find a quality product at a reasonable price?

Check for international standards such as CE or FDA.
If it is possible ask about a test repost of the product

About KN95 we import and sell

We import and sell FDA approved KN95 face masks manufactured in a BV – Bureau Veritas – certified factory. Our QC staff has visited the factory and tested the product. Based on test results and factory visits we are about the product and manufacturer.

Why our price is better than other suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Our Mother company – Sky Air Holdings Co., Limited – is located in Hong Kong so we get a competitive advantage for product sourcing over most other KN95 respirator suppliers in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, during this difficult time, we are doing a service rather than a business.